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Refer and earn lifetime recurring commissions.

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Lifetime Commissions*

10 Users = 8.00/Month = 1 Value Meal

100 Users = 80.00/Month = Christmas/Vacation Fund Money

Here’s where it starts to get interesting!

500 Users = 400.00/Month = Car payment

1500 Users = 1200.00/Month = House payment

5000 Users = 4000.00/Month = Save for Early Retirement

10000 Users = 8000.00/Month = Allow yourself to dream again

-Above examples based on the 3.99 monthly account.

*Lifetime commissions means the affiliate gets referrals for the life of the customer’s active subscription account.

World Population
7.7 Billion
Internet Users
4.5 Billion
Email Users
3.9 Billion
Email Accounts
5.59 Billion
Gmail Accounts
1.5 Billion

Expected Email User Growth by 2023

Nearly 400 Million New Users

273,972 new email users every day.
11,415 every hour
190 every minute
3 every second

Let Us Help You Get Off To A Running Start

We have two options for new affiliates. You can sign up for a basic affiliate account or you can get an email subscription that comes with an affiliate account and bonus coupons to help bring in referrals!

Basic Affiliate Account

Help Us Spread the Word and Earn $$
Free Imagine the Possibilities
  • Earn 20% Lifetime Recurring Commissions
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Dedicated Referral URL
  • Real Time Earnings and Visitor Statistics
  • Image/Ad Library
  • Easy Payouts Through Paypal

It’s completely free to be an affiliate. 

We would love to have help spreading the word about our email service!  An email account is not included, but you can upgrade anytime.  If you subscribe to our email service it comes with coupon codes to share!

Email Plus Affiliate

3.99/mo or 39.99/year
$ 3
  • 1 Private Email Address - or
  • 10GB (10,000 MB) Email Storage
  • IMAP/POP and Webmail Access
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Disposable Email Addresses
  • Everything in Basic Affiliate Account Plus:
  • Unique Coupon Codes for $3.99 to Help Bring In Referrals

Do I have to participate in the affiliate program to use the email service? 

Goodness no!  The email service alone is our pride and joy!  The affiliate program is an optional but fun way to earn some extra money.  If you just want email, you can choose to use the affiliate program or ignore it.